Supply voltage 8....15 Volt
Power consumption in sleep mode
(Ignition key off)
Power consumption in operation 150....250mA
Operation temperature -25....+120 Deg C


Outputs 8
Control Switched to ground
Continuous current 10A
Peak current 15A
Fault detection Open loop
High impedance injector support Standard
Low impedance injector support Hardware Option
Injection time resolution 10 us
Duty cycle 0....100%
Dead time compensation 0....10000uS
Closed loop 0....50%
Long term fueltrim 0....50%
Fuel adaption Self learning
CTE compensation 0....1000%
IAT compensation 0....1000%
Acceleration enrichment Transient
Overrun fuel cut Standard


Outputs 6
Control Logic 12V
Ignition trigger Falling edge
Continuous current 0,5A
Peak current 0,8A
Coil Driver Hardware Option
Ignition resolution 0,1 Deg
Dwell time 0....10000uS
CTE compensation -180....180 Deg
IAT compensation -180....180 Deg
Idle rpm control Standard


Analoque input resolution 10 bits
CTE sensor 0....10 kOhm
Iat sensor 0....10 kOhm
TPS sensor 0....100 kOhm
MAF sensor 0....5V
Universal analoque inputs 1
Universal analoque input signal 0....5V or 0....10 kOhm
Wideband lambda controller standard onboard
Wideband lambda sensor inputs 2
Wideband lambda sensor type LSU4.2
Internal Map sensor 0....2,5 bar abs
Map sensor connection 6mm vacuum tube
VR Trigger inputs 1 (ref/ sync)
VR Trigger input fault detection Short to ground
Hall trigger inputs 1 (ref/ sync)
Universal trigger inputs 2 (ref/ sync)
Knock sensor inputs 2
Knock sensor frequency 1.22....19.98 kHz
Universal outputs 5
Universal output control Switched to ground
Universal output continuous current 10A
Universal output peak current 15A
Universal output fault detection Open Loop
Fuelpump output control Switched to ground
Fuelpump output continuous current 10A
Fuelpump output peak current 15A
RPM output control Logic 12V
(4 Pulses in a cycle)


RS232 Ports 2
Communication speed Normal 100 frames/sec
Communication High speed up to 400 frames/sec
Can Bus Firmware upgrade


Load reference Alpha N
Speed density
Mass air flow
Configurable table sizes Load vs RPM 24 x 24 maximum
Cylinder 1 to 8 0....720 Deg
Engine reference sensor Setup 60-2/ 36-1/ 12+1/
4 pulses in a cycle...
Idle control PID control
Boost control PID control
VTC control PID control
VTEC control RPM/ Load related
Rev. Limiter Fuel and ignition cut
Lean protection Standard
Boost protection Standard
Knock detection Standard
Engine status overview ECU Manager
Trending ECU Manager
Real time mapping Joystick control
Fault detection All hardware I/O
Dashboard overview ECU Manager
Free firmware upgrades ECU Flash tool