Configurations (ECU Manager)

Basic engine settings

Crank sensor configuration (magnetic or hall)


Custom cilinder settings with a small wizard.


Idle rpm settings with position feedback control


Rev limiter


Lean protection alarm

Overboost alarm

Knock detection with regulations for each cilinder

Ignition settings

Main table

All tables have 3D graphics with graphic editing mode

Extra ignition configurations are cool water temperature compensation, intake air compensation and Dwell time compensation by battery voltage.

Fuel settings

Main fuel table (volumetric efficiency)


All tables have 3D graphics with graphic editing mode


Fuel adaption table

This table is used as selflearning device and learnes the difference between the real volumetric efficiency and the volumetric efficiency stored in the main fuel table the ECU will try reach to the target lambda in the lambda table. When you click compensate the ECU will compensate the main fuel table (volumetric efficiency table) and set this table to zero.


General fuel settings closed loop



Sensor parameters

All sensors are scalable by a table and have alarm values, some sensors have a default value when a hardware fault appears.